Welcome to Bunga Laut's Restaurant and Bar !

Our restaurant serves a mouthwatering mix of fantastic Balinese, Indonesian and Western cuisine which is made from only the best of locally organically grown fruit and vegetables, combining these with fresh herbs and spices from Bali and all Indonesia. Our chefs select ingredients that are full of flavor but also benefit the local community.

Fish, shrimps and squid are freshly prepared and comes directly from local fishermen to your plate. Daily specials are inspired by seasonal produce which are blended with passion. Our own kitchen garden supplies us with more ingredients that compliment western dishes.

We offer a selection of snack line which can be enjoyed whilst relaxing around the pool or taking in the stunning scenery from the terrace. All day long, our staff will also prepare you healthy and tasty fruit shakes and smoothies according to the season, fresh and original cocktails, Indonesian wine and beer, spirits and hot drinks.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information !